We prepare and file design applications to obtain protection of the aesthetical and ornamental features of your industrial products, icons and fonts.


A trademark grants its owner the exclusive right to use the mark to identify goods or services.

We undertake the necessary steps to obtain protection for your trademark, which can include logos, business and product names.

Swiss Office

Kasche & Partner AG
Patentanwalt Dr. Kasche
Resirain 1
CH-8125 Zollikerberg/Zürich

T: +41-44-395 44 88
or: +41-44-395 44 86
F: +41-44-395 44 84


Israel Office

Richter & Shimoni Patent Attorneys
P.O.B. 2453
IL- 7612401 Rehovot

or: +41 (0)22 508 7033
F: +972 (0)8 954 0991


German Office

Patentanwalt Dr. Kasche
Cremerstrasse 7
DE-55595 Wallhausen

T: +41-44-395 44 88
or: +49-6706 960 704
F: +41-44-395 44 84


Patentanwalt Dr. Kasche serves Swiss and international clients before the European and German patent and trademark offices (EPO, EUIPO, DPMA). Kasche & Partner AG, previously Ritscher & Partner AG, serves clients before the Swiss national Patent and Trademark Office (IGE). Ritscher & Partner AG was formed as a successor to Ritscher & Seifert, founded in 1970 by Thomas Ritscher † and Helmut E. Seifert †.